We have been on the web forever, we have been gallery-ing a long time, we have even dabbled with wiki-ing for a while now, but it is time to blog. I was reading dooce.com today and it dawned on me: when Katie and Tristan are meeting the loves of their lives on a reality dating show (in the future won’t everyone meet their mate on a reality dating show?) what are we going to have to show the bachelor(ette)? Sure we will have scrapbooks – perfectly preserved, beautifully embellished, hand journaled 12×12 creative memories scrapbooks – but how is that going to compare to all the other parents pulling out blog archives.

I have been thinking about starting a blog since they were called weblogs. A couple of years ago I got hooked on The Trixie Update and was even motivated enough to install WordPress but I was more interested in making it look right than adding actual content. Keiko’s Nordljus is inspiring, but so seemingly unattainable that I just never did anything. Reading dooce inspired me to lay the banality of our existence down for all of time. With any luck there might be an eloquent word, an inspirational post or gem of wisdom. If all else fails maybe someone someday we’ll laugh at the absurdity it all.

I present to you our pseudo Cleaver, Griswold-esque suburban life…


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