I hit the peak of my athletic career at about age 7. I was on Ricochet’s Gymnastics Team. My fondest memory of this experience is winning a goldfish at a fair where we performed. I also remember the constant fights with my father about completing my daily exercise regimen. Luckily for me my brother was born around this time and in the future most athletic related drama was related to him. As for Stefan, I don’t think he’s peaked yet. He’s been an on-and-off swimmer, biker, and runner. He recently decided to combine all three and compete in triathlons. Hopefully his best races are still ahead of him.

But back to my brother, Bob. We were at church on Sunday and after the service the pastor said to him, “…You’re not bobsledding this year?” He of course answered, “No, not this year.” This exchange may seem strange to you, as it did to a fellow parishioner who always sits one or two rows in front of us and a little to the right (isn’t it strange how you always sit in the same spot in church?). So she said to me, “He bobsleds?” and I replied, “He used to.” More intrigued she asked me “Where?” I answered, “Lake Placid” at which point the conversation ended and I got the feeling she felt like she might have been the butt of a strange joke.

The truth is he did bobsled, as part of the recruitment program with the US Bobsled Team. And as soon as it became clear he had potential, our entire family was already vicariously dreaming about being on the medal stand at the Olympic Games. But after careful consideration (and contrary to the wishes of many of the overweight, athletically un-gifted members of his family) he decided not to join the team and instead join the world of working stiffs. It turned out well in the end though since he decided to become a teacher, a very admirable profession, and by doing so he met the woman who will become his wife. But I digress…

So the Winter Games of the XX Olympiad begin tonight and I find myself dreaming of how we were going to be there and how Bob Costas was going to interview my sister and me about Bob’s childhood and I’m having dream-stress about what I should wear. Back in reality we’re expecting 6-10 inches of snow tomorrow. So maybe if he can make it over to our house we can do some Uncle Bob-sledding. I think he and Katie would make a pretty good 2-man team. I just need to get Stefan to start constructing the medal stand.


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