I guess it’s crepes for dinner tonight!

So there are a lot of things we suck at (sorry Nana for using that word) but in this house we like to suck digits the most. Stefan and I are both members of the reformed thumb-suckers club. As a baby we tried giving Katie a pacifier which only caused her to cry more, the exact opposite effect we were hoping for. She eventually started sucking her thumb and subsequently settled for two fingers on her right hand. Tristan started sucking his fingers early. During one of the many sonograms I endured while pregnant with him, he was seen sucking his fingers. Of course, the technician couldn’t get a picture of that. For some reason we couldn’t get any decent sonogram pictures of him, but this is fodder for another post. Currently he’ll suck his finger(s) or fist if he can coordinate getting his hand to his mouth. So as one begins a sucking addiction, another tries to quit.

Actually, the truth is that we’re trying to force her to quit. You see, finger-sucking is strife with issues. There are the obvious dental-related problems but our biggest problem is chapping. Katie’s hands are raw, cracked, and occasionally bleeding. She has a constant callous on her upper lip which is also often cracked and bleeding. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention germs as another serious finger sucking side effect. The chain of events goes something like this… Katie goes to preschool –> Tommy sneezes on toy A –> Katie plays with toy A –> Katie sucks fingers –> two days later Katie exhibits cold-like symptoms –> two days after that Stefan, Jen, and Tristan exhibit cold-like symptoms –> one week later Katie is better and Stefan, Jen, and Tristan are just recovering from their cold-like symptoms, in the meantime the house is trashed, laundry is piled sky high, and the pugs haven’t had real dog food in two days as S&J try to cope with caring for a sick toddler and newborn while being ill themselves. This is the “good” scenario, the bad one involves things like bronchitis and sinus infections. In fact if some terrorist group could figure out a way to mainstream thumb and finger sucking they would have a real weapon on their hands. We would all be paralyzed by the common cold.

In short, for parents of a two year old, finger sucking really sucks.


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