Today is the day of indulgence. Indulgence in chocolate, spa treatments and luxury items. While I fully expect to be indulged with lavish gifts, it is daily indulgences that I want to discuss.

It is no secret that I suffer from TOD. In case you are not familiar with TOD, or Transient Obsession Disorder, it is an amalgamation of ADD and OCD. There are three phases to TOD: identification, obsession, liberation. Identification usually goes something like “I love a good loaf of bread, I bet I could make this.” Obsession then kicks in, cookbooks on professional bread making are purchased, artisanal flour ordered and ash content discussed. Then, the perfect loaf of bread is made and the afflicted is liberated from the need to ever bake bread again. TOD is also often accompanied by an over inflated sense of self ability, e.g. “I love this complex deck built by a seasoned professional, I can do that.” In its worst form TOD can be purely transient and in other cases it can be cyclical (“I love photography,” “I am bored with photography,” “I love photography.”) My particular TOD affliction runs pretty deep, it can manifest itself as anything from reading every post on to building a high-end home theater.

I bring this up because living with a TOD sufferer can be difficult, but Jen has made an art-form of indulging me. Whether it is buying studio strobes as gifts or maintaining the gallery after I am bored with it, she is always supporting me. She is even willing to endure discussions about how screwed up dooce was as a teenager. Her indulgence is so strong that I am sure she will even go back and correct the spelling and grammar errors I left in this entry. That is true love.

So this Valentine’s Day I want to thank my wife for indulging me on a daily basis. I love you, Jen!


One thought on “Indulgence

  1. Stefan and I have been together for 12 years today. We’ve been married for almost 8 and aside from that making me feel a little bit old, I feel extremely blessed. As my mom often tells me, I am so lucky to have found a husband who has made all my dreams come true. So Stefan, thank you for giving me yourself and two beautiful children. And to everyone else, sorry for the sappy stuff…

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