The American Idol audition Nick Jr doesn’t want you to see.

Simon: What’s your name?
Dora: Dora
Simon: So what’s your story Dora?
Dora: I am a TV star and I like to help people.
Simon: Oh right, from that kids show. Splendid. What are you going to sing for us today?
Dora: Get On Your Feet by Gloria Estefan.
Simon: Very well.
Dora: (singing painfully) Get On Your Feet
Simon: Randy?
Randy: Dawg! (pause) I’m glad to see the Latinos representing in the da house, but that just didn’t do it for me. Sorry Dawg.
Paula: Sweetie, your so cute and your such a good little helper, but I am just not sure singing is for you.
Simon: Appalling, absolutely appalling. Do you really think just because you have a successful television career that means you can sing? The thing is, you could do a duet with William Shatner and it would probably go platinum. I don’t get this country sometimes.
Dora: So it’s a no?
Paula: It’s a no, but keep being such a good little helper.
(Dora exits sobbing)
Paula: (Whispering and giggling) Have you ever seen that girl try to mambo? (laughter)


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