It’s the other Thursday again and time for the cleaning lady. Given that we are still a bit sick preparations are more on the order of minimum viable product than actual clean up.* Here are the top 5 places bodies get buried in times like this.

  • Laundry (clean and dirty) — in our closet. Strategically placed so as not to fall and block the door from ever opening again.
  • Papers, bills, etc — that pretty leather box in the study. When the box is full or if Jen can’t reach it, things go to the “shelf of vague danger” which soon becomes the “shelf of peril” and has even reached the point where it is known as the “shelf of imminent disaster.”
  • Dirty dishes — in the oven. Sometimes we even remember that they are in there before using it again. Other times, well, I think we paid more to have the melted case replaced on our themapen than we did when we bought it on clearance.
  • Junk — the small variety goes in the coat closet, just hang your coat on the banister; the larger kind (like the Christmas tree) is thrown in the guest room, we like to keep our guests in the holiday spirit.
  • Anything else — Stefan’s office, he can live in a pig sty.

    * In case you’ve never had a cleaning lady they don’t actually do the hard part, just the dirty part. Before they come, your house must be de-cluttered, they can’t dust, mop, or whatever if they can’t get to it.

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