Why is it that the bathroom and things that go on there are so funny? It apparently starts young because Tristan already grins ear to ear as soon as you open his diaper and discover it’s full. I mean, this is one of the best grins we get out of him, I’d take a picture but while the face is cute the diaper is pretty gross.

Katie laughs about all things bathroom related. When Tristan passes gas, rather loudly, she says What was that? with this funny grin on her face. I usually respond with I don’t know, what was that? The typical answer from her is A really loud toot!! followed by hysterical laughter. Last night she induced side splitting laughter, usually only achieved when we tickle her, by simply saying underpants. How is that funny?

Potty Humor

Photo by Katie

I personally try to stay above potty humor, I am a grown-up after all. But there is one thing that always gets me. Dora. We have a potty seat on the “big potty” so Katie won’t fall in (which is actually also humorous when it does happen) and it has pictures of Dora all over it. Dora may have taken over my life but all across America children sit on Dora’s face to use the toilet. And that makes me laugh every time.


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