So it seems we caught the express vomit train and by yesterday evening Katie was asking for strawberries and milk. Just what I want when my stomach is feeling rocky. Instead we offered her a pretzel and non-flavored pedialyte. Pretend they’re a strawberry and milk, sweetheart. Meanwhile Tristan spit-up, an unusual occurrence for him, and sent me into a panic attack. Stefan reminded me that spitting up is in the normal repertoire of activities for a three-month old and to settle down.

So far, no one else has become sick but we’re not calling the all clear just yet. We would remain under self-imposed quarantine but Sergeant needs to go to the vet. The right side of his face has been puffy since Friday. This has happened before, we give him Benadryl, it goes away. This time it didn’t and this morning his eye is bleeding a little so off to the vet. And since nothing is easy around here recently, our vet is booked solid and told us to go somewhere else. Same for the second-choice vet. Finally Stefan found some vet on the internet that is pretty close to our house. Hopefully it’s not just a cover for some psychopath. Anyway, as they say, when it rains it pours.

And speaking of pouring, we had another episode with the washing machine. Since two year olds aren’t so great at recognizing an approaching need to vomit they tend to generate a lot of laundry while ill and my attitude has always been to get vomit-soaked clothing into the wash pronto. Well, yesterday was rather cold here and in typical cold-weather fashion the small bit of water held in the drain trap of the washing machine (somewhere in the ceiling of the garage) had frozen. Of course I didn’t know it was freezing so I started the washing machine. Stefan had the pleasure of discovering a swimming pool on the laundry room floor while delivering more laundry, of the vomit-soaked variety. The up side is that we were lucky and the water didn’t go pouring through the ceiling to the garage. Normally this wouldn’t be such a big deal except that the part of the garage under the laundry room is currently smashed full of all kinds of junk. The kind of junk that doesn’t like to get wet. So at least that crisis was avoided.

I spent the morning disinfecting everything. A delightful job to be sure. Hopefully it worked. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…


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