As you know, Katie is undergoing forced detox from finger sucking. I don’t know who is suffering more, Katie or Mommy. The sucking ban forced Tristan and I to listen to prolonged crying while driving in the car twice in a three day stretch last week. One of those days we didn’t leave the house. There’s nothing better to put you in a great mood than to be driving along with a screaming banshee in the back seat. I just keep bopping along singing Victor Vito.

A fringe benefit of detox is that Katie is “tired” all of the time. She is allowed to suck her fingers while in her bed so her need for sleep seems to have greatly increased. Of course sometimes she’s honest. She was going upstairs the other day, I asked her what she was doing. I just need a little suck she replied. Okay… I mean what else do you say to that?

Sometimes she tries to be sneaky, but her success rate is rather low. It might be because she says things to us like, Mommy, go in the kitchen. I have no need to go into the kitchen so I say, No Katie, you can’t suck your fingers. Trying another route she says, May you go into the study, please? At least she’s polite.

The other day she was standing perfectly still in front of the french doors. How nice, you’re thinking, she’s watching the birds or a cheerful squirrel. The drapes were closed. Katie, what are you doing? She turns around sheepishly, Just sucking.


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