Usually Tristan wakes up around 6:30-7:00 AM but this morning we heard him crying around 5:30. Stefan went in to make sure he hadn’t lodged one of his limbs in the bars of his crib. Amazingly at three months he has enough coordination to get his arms, legs, sometimes all of the above, through the rails but he lacks the coordination to get them out. Anyway, he wasn’t trapped so Stefan turned on the magic aquarium and came back to bed. A little later, when it became obvious that Tristan wasn’t going back to sleep until he ate I went in to his room, changed him, and fed him.

About 40 minutes later I got back in our bed. About 5 minutes later Stefan say mmm-hmm. I say What? again he says mmm-hmm. I say Mmm-hmm what???. To which he replies uhh-uhh. I in turn bust out laughing and he keeps on sleeping.

Of course, later when I tell him the story he tries to deny it, just like he insists he doesn’t snore. But I can tell he remembers having some kind of conversation, so we’re both left wondering what the heck we were talking about.


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