I have been suspicious for a while that Katie is climbing on her dresser to reach the light switch. A few times I’ve found the light on when I’ve been fairly certain I turned it off (since we never leave it on). Well, tonight at 9:45 (over an hour after bedtime) Katie shouts I need to go potty!. I go upstairs and her light is on. I’m pretty sure I turned it off so I decide to ask her about it. She doesn’t usually lie about things, even when she knows she’s been bad, and in this case she probably doesn’t realize I might get upset with her. So while sitting in the bathroom – her on the toilet, me on the edge of the tub – this is the conversation we have:

I begin, Katie, How did your lights come on?
You did it.
No, I didn’t do it, I think you did it. How did you do it?
I just climbed on my cabinet.
You climbed on your dresser?
I just stand on my bed like a stool.
You used your bed like a stool?
and I use my bed like a stool and walk on my cabinet.
Can you show me how you did it?

Back in her room, I put her in bed, turn off the light and then stand back…

Okay, Katie, can you show me how you turn on your light?
I can’t.
But you told Mommy that you could show her.

Can you put me on my cabinet?
But I thought you could do it.

I can tell she’s thinking about how she’s going to do this, in a room with no light except the glowing of a glow-in-the-dark bracelet. After thoughtful consideration she determines how she can successfully maneuver this obstacle course of bed to dresser to light switch and back.

Mommy can you turn on the light?


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