From what everyone tells us Katie’s mastery of the English language is fantastic for her age — she also knows a little Spanish (thank you Dora), a little French (thank you Daddy’s job) and a little German (thank you Muzzy) — but seeing that she’s still only almost three we have our fair share of moments where we think, What on earth is she talking about?

This morning she was sitting on our bed while I got dressed. Mommy, do you have any nins for your tomato? Okay, I think, Katie, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Louder, she repeats, Do you have any nins for your tomato?Luckily before this continued any longer I realized she was asking if I have any pins for my tomato [pinchusion]. No Katie, I don’t have any pins or a tomato pincushion. I’m glad we cleared that up. Here are some of the other Katie-isms that are making us laugh right now…

pwegin [penguin]
present [pleasant — as in Pleasant Valley, a place near our home]
dilly-dialing [dilly-dallying]
facifier [pacifier]
kruschov [matrioshka — as in dolls, well let’s be honest, we all mispronounce this one]


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