Let me begin by saying, No part of this post is fictional. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent

Papa Urchin is not going to be around the house as much as usual this week and right on cue some mean little virus has started taking up residence in my system. I have a constant headache, body aches, etc. I decided taking a nap could help stave off the attackers so I got Tristan to go to sleep in his crib and convinced Katie that it would be fun to take a nap with me in my bed.

Let me just say, napping with her is easier said then done. Thirty minutes of Mommy, what is d-d-dora doing? and I dropped Ecru and I need a blue pillow, not a white one is finally ended with a final threat of, SleepingIf you don’t take a nap now then you won’t be able to watch Dora when you wake up. Ahh, finally the sound of her sucking her fingers and dozing off. I’m just dozing off myself when I hear…


over the monitor. A child, so inconsolable that he has to be walked around (great with body aches) until it is an acceptable time to feed him. Do I get sick days???


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