You really have to watch what you say around an almost-three year old. And it seems that our almost-three year old has exceptional super-human hearing so really you have to watch what you say within a two mile radius. Unless we move to Waco and set up a commune we’re unlikely to control all the conversations within earshot so sometimes we just have to deal with explaining to Katie that not all words and phrases are appropriate for an almost-three year old.

For example, Grandmom and Granddad were transporting Katie last weekend and surprisingly, they don’t have Pig on her Head on repeat in the car. Instead they were listening to the radio — something I have not heard in years — and on came the country singer Gretchen Wilson, of Redneck Woman fame. Anyway, her new song is called All Jacked Up and it didn’t take Katie two seconds to say, Grandmom, I’m all jacked up. Needless to say the radio was turned off immediately and the rest of the trip was filled only with the sound of Katie’s incessant chattering.

I’m not immune to this either. The other night we had friends over for dinner and I said “sugar mama” while Katie was within earshot. Almost immediately I hear Are you a sugar mama? I say to Stefan, I guess I should have known better.

The worst, by far is when she uses your own words back at you. Recently, I put a book she had left in our bedroom outside her door while she was napping. Upon waking up and discovering it there she accuses me of taking her book — Mommy, that’s not nice, we don’t take people’s books! Or she went through a brief period when she would bite me, not out of anger or anything, just because she’s weird. Anyway, I would tell her that we only bite food. Now she tells that to her Daddy all the time when he pretends to take a bite out of her. Somehow I think she’ll be tossing our words back at us for a very long time.


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