Our friend Chris has said that when he dies he wants to come back as one of our dogs, and it is no wonder why. They live the cushy life, like most suburban dogs, lying around all day as we fan them and feed them hand made organic dog treats. When it comes to medical care there is no exception. Did you know there are veterinary specialist? Over the years we have seen an oncologist, an orthopedic surgeon, a neurologist, an ophthalmologist, a chiropractor and a physical therapist. Yes, one of our dogs actually goes to physical therapy. It’s not as if we really have a choice either, we live in one of those high median income metro areas where it is just expected that you would want to take your dog to a specialist. They even make you feel bad, Oh you don’t want to do back surgery on your roughly 13 year old rescue? Well, I guess you could try chiropractic and physical therapy.

Under water treadmilSo off we went taking Sergeant to the physical therapist, buying a dozen sessions for far more than I would ever want to admit. What do we get for our money? First there is e-stim, or electrical stimulation, where they hook his back legs up to some electrical shock device just like they did with frankenstein. Then they put him on the ball, a mini yoga ball just for dogs, and make him stabilize himself with just his back legs. Next, and I am not exaggerating for dramatic effect here, they make him walk over sticks. Honestly, we pay them to put sticks on the ground and have the dog walk over them in hopes that he will actually pick up his back legs. The crowning glory of his PT experience has to be the underwater treadmill — one of a small number custom built for dogs. With the water up to his chest he has to walk twenty minutes at 1.1 miles per hour chasing the occasional no GEI, macrobiotic, organic vegan mini morsel.

Why do we do it? It is all in hopes that our wonderful loving, incessantly licking, stench emanating pug will not pee every time he walks across the kitchen floor. The thing is it does help and so every week we are off to the rehab clinic where we pay an arm and a leg for Sergeant to be on his best behavior.


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