Our dogs, when desiring freedom from their crates, can make noises so eerily creepy that even Hollywood horror movie directors would be loathe to cast them. These noises, so strange and un-bark like, are next to impossible to describe. I can attempt by likening them to the sound of 100 weasels being systematically tortured by cackling howler monkeys, screaming ravens and crying chinchillas — and that is just Sergeant. Jen and I have grown accustomed to the sound and it doesn’t even bother us anymore, but Katie still does not like it. They were in full effect today while I was changing my clothes and Katie came in to see what was wrong. I told her not to let them out, that I would get them when I was done. To my amusement this is what I hear next:

shhh, shhh
ahh it’s ok puggies, don’t cry, shhh, shh
Twinkle, Twinkle little star how I wonder what you are
shh, shh,
Up above the sky so bright…

… and the dogs are quiet.


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