How many times do you wash your hands each day? 5, maybe 10? Let’s figure you use the bathroom five times each day and eat three meals, plus two snacks. If you wash your hands for each of these events that’s 10 times. I wash my hands 32 times a day.

That’s right, I counted. In fact I counted on a light hand-washing day so the true number may be even greater. Plus this does not include any bathing or dish-washing events which should probably count too. So you may be asking, why do I care? That I can’t answer, but the reason I care is that my hands look like they belong to a lumberjack — albeit a petite lumberjack. They are so far gone that no number of manicures will be able to repair them. I’m thinking about this because today is the first day of Spring and while that will not eliminate the hand-washing it should bring some humidity. Of course, come June I’ll be cursing that humidity for awful hair and sweatiness, but my hands will be soft and supple as the hand-washing continues…


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