Nature has done a lot for mommy evolution — I myself have great mastery of the eyes-in-the-back-of-the-head that only mothers seem to possess. Unfortunately, I have yet to master x-ray vision and Katie knows it. She devises a plan in her head …as soon as Mommy is out of the room I will [insert something she isn't supposed to do]. Yesterday as I stepped into the bathroom and shut the door I failed to notice the sound of her wheels turning…

Katie, barging into the bathroom says, Mommy, look (she is holding the front part of her hair)
Katie, what did you do?
Thinking she has torn some of her hair while trying to remove it from a ponytail, Katie, did you rip your hair, we don't do that. You will ruin your hair, we won't be able to put it in pigtails anymore.
I proceed to remove the ponytail, expecting to find the ripped off half of the hair stuck in the ponytail. This is not what happens, so I say, Katie, what did you do with the hair you ripped?
She takes me to the kitchen, and I see the scissors and then…


…and we both start to cry.


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