A Moment in Our Lives

Mommy, I need to go potty shouted from her bedroom where she is “napping.”
Katie, I can’t help you right now, you’ll have to do it by yourself shouted from the couch where I am nursing Tristan.
Lots of noise as the step-stool is dragged across the tile so she can get on the toilet. Silence while she’s on the toilet, then flushing.
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The Shape of Things

So I think we are reaching full fade. Stefan has yet to notice the previous post and he spent a good part of last evening on the computer. Which means, I am sorry to say, that there will be very few funny posts from now on. I try to be funny and I think I am a fairly funny person — yes, I hear you Dad sure, you’re funny – funny looking — but I am lacking the ability to write funny blog posts. As my mom says, my posts are cute and well written.
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Has anyone else noticed? Do I get props for knowing my husband? He started his new job today and I haven’t really heard from him so it must be going well. I, on the other hand, had to punish Katie for not listening with a no TV day but the problem with that is sometimes I want her to watch TV so I can get something done. Tristan is amazingly taking a nap in his crib and right now his sister is pounding out a tune on the piano – all below middle C – that would make Philip Glass proud. So, I really should go before the inevitable happens…

Easter Highlights

Here are some of the highlights from our Easter:
Dyeing Eggs

  • Three Year Old Manners
  • After reminding Katie that there were children younger than her at our community egg hunt, she went into the field and collected exactly six eggs.

  • Dyeing Eggs
  • It started as an accidental tradition but each year we go to our community egg hunt with my sister and niece and then return to our house to dye eggs. This year the girls did much better with the dyeing although there was still some smashing in the end.
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    Oh the Places I’ve Been

    If there is one thing I learned from dooce, it’s never blog about your job. Since I just quit my job I figure that it’s open season, ok well not really, but I might do one or two fun posts. One of the things that really characterized this job was the travel. When I started this job I had two trips stamped in my passport — a honeymoon in Tahiti and a job interview in Germany — now I need to have more pages added. All told, in the last 5 years I have traveled roughly 300K miles. Rather than get myself in trouble telling travel stories I thought I would make a best/worst list.
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    You People Are Freaks

    So, apparently Stefan’s last post has created a lot of buzz among our four blog readers (that is the four besides our moms). He’s going out with the guys tonight so he’s working-from-home today in an effort to assuage his guilt about leaving me alone with the urchins. The thing about it is, though, that he’s sitting on the couch annoyed that Tristan is crying and he can’t get any work done. Really, before I go any further, I should just leave it at – he should have gone to the office. So anyway, back to the toilet. So he’s been having trouble getting work done because you people keep emailing him about the post. Women say, yes I do flush with my foot and I’m not sure how I would wipe standing up while the men are saying wow, I had no idea?!?

    This is what comments are for people!!!!

    As it turns out we should turn this blog into all toilet talk, all the time. It really spikes the site visits.

    Everything I never wanted to know about women

    Just in case things have been getting a little too schmoopsy around here, I thought I would drag you into the gutter today. If you are a single man or a married man with out kids you might want to stop reading now, I don’t want to ruin it for you. The thing is men tend to have a very romanticized view of their women and women totally play into this. Guys don’t even want to imagine that women have a digestive system. When a women says she is going to powder her nose, that is what we think she is actually doing. This is why the episode of Sex in the City where Carrie farts in Mr Bigs’ Bed is so funny. The problem is this charade is impossible to maintain after conception. As a man you learn more than you ever wanted to know about your woman. — Natural child birth is probably the worst part of this, and I am only hearing stories about this since both of our children were born via C-Section. — Jen and I still joke about the early days trying to get Katie to nurse — boobs flying everywhere, me holding them, her holding them, me holding the kid, her holding the kid, the twisting, the turning, now we can look back and laugh, but back then it was pretty traumatic. And then there was the pump. OMG (and I don’t use that phrase lightly,) it totally changed the way I looked at breasts for at least ten minutes.
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    Noodles, etc

    noodles_bwsWhen the whole MIM debacle broke I headed for The Cave while so many women headed to The Well to discuss it. The cave is a place where I can focus on manly things like my Delta Unisaw with 50″ table and Biesemeyer fence, but I digress. The point is, while the women said their piece I avoided it all. So when I started to write about this really cool picture of how the cheesey noodles sometimes organize themselves in the microwave, I realized it was my opinion on false advertising in marriage. Read more

    because sometimes I forget she is not even 3

    Katie is a kid now. A reasonable potty using kid (ok, well as reasonable as a woman will ever get.) The problem is, this doesn’t mean that she is totally self sufficient. As Jen will attest, I forget this frequently. The thing is she often lulls me into a false sense of security by talking and acting in a way that makes me think she can be left unattended for more than thirty seconds. Honestly, we can leave her unattended for some activities. She will sit in a chair and “read” books for what seems like a whole 3 minutes and we can often leave her at the table with her Crayola Color Wonder Markers. Color Wonder markers are quite possibly the greatest product God (or The Man, depending on your religious views) has ever bestowed upon parents. — OK, sure, things like the disposable diaper, TiVo and Maclaren strollers are far more important, but when it comes to craft time nothing but play-doh comes close. — If you are not familiar with the Color Wonder line of products, the idea is that they will only color special Color Wonder paper. Take them to a table, wall, shirt or important work documents and they leave no trace. — This amazing feat in dye technology will soon be over shadowed by zubbles when the do finally ship, because even as an adult I still love bubbles.
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    Like Mother, Like Daughter

    ReadingI am what you might call a voracious reader. I really like to read and I read pretty quickly. Certainly heavier and lengthy books still take me a while but I tend to get through your average books pretty quickly. Katie also really likes to read — although reading for her is not so much about the words as the pictures and what she remembers from when it was read to her. Books like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? have been read so frequently that she knows the words by heart.
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