Katie: (sitting on the toilet) Mommy, how do we say poopy in Spanish?
Mommy: I don’t know Katie.
Katie: In English we say poopy, in Spanish we say ahbadob.

Daddy: (enters the room dressed up to give a presentation)
Katie: Daddy, you look sooo cute!

In the laundry room, Mommy moving laundry from the washer to the dryer —
Katie: Mommy, what’s that thing you’re cleaning.
Mommy: A bra.
Katie: When I get big like Mommy and Daddy can I wear one of those?
Mommy: Yes, when you get bigger you’ll wear a bra.
Katie: And I can open it and feed a teeny baby?

When asked why she was changing her clothes —
Katie: Those other ones aren’t working.

Mommy: Bless you.
Daddy: Your welcome. (laughs) Sorry, I don’t know why I am so loopy tonight.
Katie: Daddy, I am loopy too.

Tristan, Katie, and Mommy playing outside —
Katie: Mommy, I think he wants to suck your nipple.

Katie: (making a sad face in the car)
Mommy: Katie, what’s wrong?
Katie: I’m missing someone.
Mommy: Who are you missing?
Katie: Aunt Jess.


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