noodles_bwsWhen the whole MIM debacle broke I headed for The Cave while so many women headed to The Well to discuss it. The cave is a place where I can focus on manly things like my Delta Unisaw with 50″ table and Biesemeyer fence, but I digress. The point is, while the women said their piece I avoided it all. So when I started to write about this really cool picture of how the cheesey noodles sometimes organize themselves in the microwave, I realized it was my opinion on false advertising in marriage.

Jen and I have been together since I was a freshman in college. We both have grown a lot since then and especially in the over 4 years (3 years + 9 months + trying time) since we started down the parenthood path. One of the biggest changes in our house has been our eating. We didn’t eat poorly before, but now we tend towards keeping an organic house. Much like Kosher, except we don’t have seperate dishes for the non organic food — since most, if not all, of the non-organic food is junk food it probably never sees a plate anyway. The (not yet) cheesey noodles in the picture are from Annie’s Homegrown, an organic/natural easy cook food company. Before Katie was born you would typically find Kraft Mac & Cheese in our house, now all you will see is Annie’s. The funny thing is, once when I was in college my mom sent me some Annie’s mac and cheese. One day while Jen while was going through my food stash, she found the box and pitched it in the trash commenting that they can’t taste good if they are all natural. I do frequently tease her about this episode, but I’m glad that we are not the same people we were in college. We may not look it (yet) but we eat better and exercise more than we ever did back then. Having a child (now 2 of them) has really motivated us to become better people so we can become better role models, and that is the best kind of change.

In case you really wanted to know how I feel about the whole MIM thing directly, here it is in a nutshell. I don’t want my wife to be who she was when I married her, I want her to be better than that… and she absolutely is. I will say that there is some truth to what MIM had to say. I see a lot of women who become moms and stop caring about themselves, we call them “the moms who gave up on themselves.” This is a bad thing because they stop caring what they look like which leads to low self esteem which leads to daughters with low self esteem which leads to a huge population of beautiful, successful women who never think they are good enough. Don’t believe me? Watch an episode of What Not to Wear on TLC and see how much a person is transformed by paying attention to themselves and buying some new clothes.


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