So, apparently Stefan’s last post has created a lot of buzz among our four blog readers (that is the four besides our moms). He’s going out with the guys tonight so he’s working-from-home today in an effort to assuage his guilt about leaving me alone with the urchins. The thing about it is, though, that he’s sitting on the couch annoyed that Tristan is crying and he can’t get any work done. Really, before I go any further, I should just leave it at – he should have gone to the office. So anyway, back to the toilet. So he’s been having trouble getting work done because you people keep emailing him about the post. Women say, yes I do flush with my foot and I’m not sure how I would wipe standing up while the men are saying wow, I had no idea?!?

This is what comments are for people!!!!

As it turns out we should turn this blog into all toilet talk, all the time. It really spikes the site visits.


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