If there is one thing I learned from dooce, it’s never blog about your job. Since I just quit my job I figure that it’s open season, ok well not really, but I might do one or two fun posts. One of the things that really characterized this job was the travel. When I started this job I had two trips stamped in my passport — a honeymoon in Tahiti and a job interview in Germany — now I need to have more pages added. All told, in the last 5 years I have traveled roughly 300K miles. Rather than get myself in trouble telling travel stories I thought I would make a best/worst list.

Best Destination: Sydney, Australia
Worst Destination: Tie: Mexico City, Mexico; Kansas City, Kansas
Best Big Hotel: COEX Intercontinental Seoul — Seoul, Korea
Best Small Hotel: 3,14 Hotel — Cannes, France
Worst Hotel: Las Vegas Hilton — Las Vegas, Nevada
Best Bar: Establishment Bar — Sydney, Australia
Worst Bar: J. J. Mahoney’s (Grand Hyatt) — Seoul, South Korea
Best Airport: Inchon — Seoul, South Korea
Worst Airport: Charles Degaulle — Paris, France
Longest Travel Time: 23 hours
Longest Single Flight: 16 hours
Craziest Thing I Bought: 12 ceramic dinner plates in Seoul, Korea
Best Duty Free Shopping: Heathrow — London, England
Number of Handbags Purchased: I don’t have enough fingers
Better Than I Thought It Would Be: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Biggest Disappointment: London, England
Where I Fit In The Least: Tokyo, Japan
Where I Fit In The Most: Zurich, Switzerland
Most Memorable Meal: Cafe Chit Chat — Copenhagen Denmark
Place That I Know The Best: Tie: Paris, France; Silicon Valley, CA
Worst Travel Nightmare: The ER in KC — Kansas City, Kansas
Best Thing About Being 1K: Never flying coach
Worst Thing About Being 1K: flying 100,000 miles in coach to get it


2 thoughts on “Oh the Places I’ve Been

  1. I always enjoy reading lists–especially when they are as interesting as yours are. The one time I was in Zurich, we arrived in the evening of a cloudy, rainy day. In our hotel, the next morning, we pulled the drapes, and there in full sparkling sun was the Matterhorn. I snapped scores of pictures. It was spectacular.



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