April 17, 2006

Oh the Places I’ve Been

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If there is one thing I learned from dooce, it’s never blog about your job. Since I just quit my job I figure that it’s open season, ok well not really, but I might do one or two fun posts. One of the things that really characterized this job was the travel. When I started this job I had two trips stamped in my passport — a honeymoon in Tahiti and a job interview in Germany — now I need to have more pages added. All told, in the last 5 years I have traveled roughly 300K miles. Rather than get myself in trouble telling travel stories I thought I would make a best/worst list.

Best Destination: Sydney, Australia
Worst Destination: Tie: Mexico City, Mexico; Kansas City, Kansas
Best Big Hotel: COEX Intercontinental Seoul — Seoul, Korea
Best Small Hotel: 3,14 Hotel — Cannes, France
Worst Hotel: Las Vegas Hilton — Las Vegas, Nevada
Best Bar: Establishment Bar — Sydney, Australia
Worst Bar: J. J. Mahoney’s (Grand Hyatt) — Seoul, South Korea
Best Airport: Inchon — Seoul, South Korea
Worst Airport: Charles Degaulle — Paris, France
Longest Travel Time: 23 hours
Longest Single Flight: 16 hours
Craziest Thing I Bought: 12 ceramic dinner plates in Seoul, Korea
Best Duty Free Shopping: Heathrow — London, England
Number of Handbags Purchased: I don’t have enough fingers
Better Than I Thought It Would Be: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Biggest Disappointment: London, England
Where I Fit In The Least: Tokyo, Japan
Where I Fit In The Most: Zurich, Switzerland
Most Memorable Meal: Cafe Chit Chat — Copenhagen Denmark
Place That I Know The Best: Tie: Paris, France; Silicon Valley, CA
Worst Travel Nightmare: The ER in KC — Kansas City, Kansas
Best Thing About Being 1K: Never flying coach
Worst Thing About Being 1K: flying 100,000 miles in coach to get it



  1. I always enjoy reading lists–especially when they are as interesting as yours are. The one time I was in Zurich, we arrived in the evening of a cloudy, rainy day. In our hotel, the next morning, we pulled the drapes, and there in full sparkling sun was the Matterhorn. I snapped scores of pictures. It was spectacular.



    Comment by Shirley — April 17, 2006 @ 10:52 am |Reply

  2. […] I used to have a job with a travel schedule a single man would love. I almost always went to very nice places most of which were international. It was fun to be able to do my christmas shopping in Switzerland, Germany, Japan and France all in the same year. Unfortunately, it was a very hard travel schedule to keep with a family. One day Katie was asked who lives at the airport? with the expected answer being airplanes, but Katie answered Daddy. That was the day I knew I needed to do something to reduce my travel. Now I have a nice new job with a family-friendly travel schedule, but I have to say — I miss Paris. The last project I worked on before switching jobs was in Paris so I traveled there frequently. One of my more conveniently timed trips put me in Paris for the final stage of Le Tour de France last year. The following is the e-mail and pictures I sent from Paris last year. As luck (and a little clever planning) would have it I am in Paris on business this week and was able catch stage 21 of the tour. I arrived at CDG about 7 am on Sunday morning and made my way to the hotel with hopes of a quick shower and change of clothes before heading over to the Champs Elysees. Unfortunately, my hotel Le Meridian Etoile seemed to be race headquarters with many of the team and tour trucks already parked out front. The lobby was full of people wearing special access passes. I checked in, but was told I needed to wait an hour for my room to be ready so I went and sat down in the lobby. I chatted with a woman who sold merchandise for Davitmon-Lotto and a photographer from pezcycling.com while waiting, but had no luck getting a room. At 10:00 am I decided I would just leave my bag with the bellman and head over. The hotel was about a 5 minute walk from Arc de Triumph and Champs Elysees. […]

    Pingback by urchins » Vive La Tour — July 22, 2006 @ 11:01 am |Reply

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