Here are some of the highlights from our Easter:
Dyeing Eggs

  • Three Year Old Manners
  • After reminding Katie that there were children younger than her at our community egg hunt, she went into the field and collected exactly six eggs.

  • Dyeing Eggs
  • It started as an accidental tradition but each year we go to our community egg hunt with my sister and niece and then return to our house to dye eggs. This year the girls did much better with the dyeing although there was still some smashing in the end.

  • Egg Hunting
  • Katie ran around the house collecting eggs saying things like Mommy, that Easter Bunny is so nice and Aaaahhhh, Mommy I just said aaaahhhh because I found Easter Basketan egg.

  • The Empty Tomb
  • Always a moving and powerful story for Mama and Papa but this year after church Katie asks me, Mommy, do we put spices on our bodies? I didn’t understand at first but through further discussion realized she was talking about Mary Magdalene preparing Jesus’ body for burial. She learned, and remembered the whole Easter story and even corrected me — I said, The angel told Mary not to be sad. to which she replied, No Mommy, there were two angels.

  • Bunny Slippers
  • Tristan looked adorable in his newly handmade (by the Easter Bunny) bunny slippers. Even better for the Easter Bunny, her mother and grandmothers were duly Happy Easterimpressed with the workmanship.

  • Lindt Chocolate
  • Stefan’s Easter basket (really a bowl) was full of it.

  • Easter Dinner
  • I think every family has a few traditional, always have pretty much the same thing, dinners in their repertoire. For us, Easter is one of them. We shared Easter dinner, prepared by my mom, with my parents, grandmothers, siblings and their families. What a wonderful time.


    2 thoughts on “Easter Highlights

    1. Easter Basket Update:
      Lindt Truffles – decimated
      Lindt Egg Shaped Truffles – destroyed
      Lindt Mini Bunnies – nearly gone
      Lindt Mega Bunny – Still taunting

      Miles run since Easter: 0

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