So I think we are reaching full fade. Stefan has yet to notice the previous post and he spent a good part of last evening on the computer. Which means, I am sorry to say, that there will be very few funny posts from now on. I try to be funny and I think I am a fairly funny person — yes, I hear you Dad sure, you’re funny – funny looking — but I am lacking the ability to write funny blog posts. As my mom says, my posts are cute and well written.

Stefan, on the other hand, writes funny error-filled posts. He clearly is used to having an editor’s review. But we’ve determined that to be funny on blogs, spelling and the proper use of a semicolon don’t count — you have to be crass and irreverent. Stefan seems to have a knack for this, me, not so much. I promise though, I’ll try. And in that vein, an update on the toilet habits at our house…

Katie has, for a while, enjoyed counting the items in the toilet before she flushes one tinkle, two wipes, four poopies. Isn’t this fun? I know you are all asking yourselves Why can’t I be at home all day with a three-year-old? But brace yourselves, it gets better. Now, you see, counting has become so passe, now we must figure out what her poop looks like. Personally, I find it all looks like poop but she says, and I am not kidding, Mommy, that poopy looks like a bunny rabbit. Yes, normal children on their backs in meadows around the world identify shapes in clouds, mine identifies shapes in fecal matter. She must get that from her father.


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