Mommy, I need to go potty shouted from her bedroom where she is “napping.”
Katie, I can’t help you right now, you’ll have to do it by yourself shouted from the couch where I am nursing Tristan.
Lots of noise as the step-stool is dragged across the tile so she can get on the toilet. Silence while she’s on the toilet, then flushing.

Mommy, I’m trying to wash my hands with soap but this faucet is broken.
Katie, the faucet isn’t broken you just can’t reach it. If you used your soap [one of those that dispenses as foam] you can just wipe your hands on the towel without water.
Various moving around noises.
Katie, wipe off your hands and go back in your room and get in bed.
Water running, then gushing.
Mommy, that sink is broken so I used the water in the bathtub.
Great idea, rinse your hands and turn the water off and go back to bed.
Mommy, I can’t turn off that water.
Just pull down [on the faucet].
I can’t find the pull down thing.
Okay, just leave it on, I’ll come up and turn it off after I’m done feeding Tristan. Go back to bed.
5-10 minutes elapse, Tristan is finished, I go upstairs. I find Katie in the bathtub wearing only her shirt, scrubbing the bathtub with her toothbrush and shampoo.
Mommy, I’m just in here in my body because it [the bathtub] is very dirty.


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