Sorry for the lack of posts, nothing exciting seems to be going on around here as of late. Like right now, Tristan and I are sitting at the kitchen table watching Katie eat a Ring Pop. Ring PopWe were going to go to the post office and send a “Congratulations on Your Baby” package to some friends who had a little girl in January — yes that means she is almost four months old — but we have no packing tape. So here we sit as Katie ingests enough sugar to energize her for three days. How did this become my life?

Shortly after Tristan was born I joked with Stefan Whose idea was it to have two kids anyway? Not because I didn’t want to have two kids — it was my idea after all — but because Hobby Horsewe just had gotten the first one kind of under control — we at least knew some of her tricks — and we went and added an unknown variable to the mix. Thank goodness he’s an angel of an unknown variable but he does occasionally need to eat or manage to get poop up to his armpits. And all this supervising of chaos — I originally wrote managing but that implies control, of which we have little — allows little time for things like mowing the lawn, weeding the gardens, washing the dishes.
Party Hat Beaks
So what do we have time for, things like riding a hobby horse while donning a firefighter’s hat backwards, riding a bike around the lane one hundred times, and wearing a party hat like a beak. Oh, and don’t forget enjoying a ring pop so much that sticky red saliva drips down onto your shirt and you don’t even notice.


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