CerealSo it’s been a busy week for our baby urchin. Last Thursday he started sitting by himself — occasionally for as much as a minute. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if what he was doing would actually be defined as sitting — it might be described as more like a yoga position — but after a family vote yesterday it was decided that yes, he is sitting. Hooray Tristan!!

Then on Saturday he ate food for the first time — rice cereal specifically. He actually spent a lot of time grabbing the spoon and shoving it in his mouth. Of course, most of the rice cereal was spit out but we expect improvement with time. If anything, Mama and Papa Urchin breed good eaters. We’ll be sticking with cereal for a little while and then graduating to things like squash and peas. Let the colorful diapers begin!

Really, though, the most hysterical thing was the setup to record the consumption of the first meal. The video camera was on a tripod, the portrait light was illuminating the scene like night-time road work, and Stefan was running around with the digital SLR paparazzi-style. It’s a wonder I got him to eat any cereal at all with all the flashing.


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