Today was a good day — both urchins took naps (even at the same time), I unloaded the dishwasher, the urchins got mail from Australia, and Tristan pooped! Time for a celebration. No, seriously, not only did I get the dishwasher unloaded, reloaded, and running but I got some Kid's CD Swaplaundry done too. The pooping hadn’t happened in almost five days — thank you iron-fortified cereal — so we were very pleased when that happened too. But the thing that made it a very good day was the arrival of the package from Australia.

We signed up to participate in a kid’s cd swap organized by Tracy over at jumilla bugs. If you’re not familiar, swaps are one of the things that make life in the blogosphere so much fun. Basically, someone decides to organize a Kid's CD Swapswap, usually around a theme, gathers names and addresses, assigns recipients and everyone mails something to their recipient. Of course you were assigned to someone too so you get something in your mail also. So anyway, this was a kid’s cd swap for children’s music. We were partnered with a family in Australia — very cool — with two little boys, Arki and Jude. We sent them a box which I’ll post more about when they receive it but we got our package today!

Katie loves to get mail so she loved ripping into the plastic-y envelope. I told her it was from our friends in Australia. I wish you could see more of her expression in these pictures. Inside we found a really fun shape/sticker book — we’ve already completed one picture — our CD which has Kid's CD Swapgreat Australia-y music on it and two toy animals — Look Mommy, it’s a koala bear and a… Mommy what is this?, a wombat, it’s a wombat. The music is great, we’ve already been blaring it, the Australian songs are my favorite so far, especially Home Among the Gum Trees.

Kid's CD SwapSo thank you Tracie, Arki, and Jude. We hope you love your package as much as we loved ours!

Check out other kid’s cd swap packages on flickr.


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