Yesterday it was 95 degrees, the humidity was at 80%, and the power went out for over two hours. Welcome to Summer! Today they are forecasting a high of 85 and afternoon thuderstorms. We expect this pattern to continue for the next three to four months. From now on, expect to only see pictures of us at least half-naked, like this one…
This is actually from Memorial Day, when it was only 91 degrees. I’m surprised you can’t see the goosebumps.

Anyway, enough complaining about the weather, I still have the rest of hurricane season to complain and I don’t want to wear myself out too early. Speaking of hurricanes, I am glad to see that the hurricane naming folks decided to spare the members of our family the potential embarassment of sharing a name with one of the worst US natural disasters ever — although it seems to me the man-made part of that disaster was the really bad part. Can you believe people actually think we named her after the hurricane? She’s three years old people, the hurricane happened last year!

Well, I can see this post is going nowhere so in an effort to redeem it slightly, here is a photo of Katie from the 2003 hurricane season. Does anyone you know look like her?
Waiting for Hurricane Isabel


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