The Price of Art


So I am not generally a fan of naked kid pictures, — in fact I think PETA should go after Anne Geddes — but after seeing a post on stobist, I had to try it. So Friday afternoon I picked-up a 107″ wide role of Savage Super Black background paper — this complements our existing Super White background which you see behind many of our photos — and plopped the Pork Chop on it like a piece of fresh meat. Well he loved it, he was bouncing, kicking and squealing like crazy. I was snapping photos faster than the B800 could recycle while Jen and Katie were cheering him on in the background. 24 pictures and 82 seconds later the fun ended with an excited baby doing what excited babies do. The boy got a bath, I trimmed off a yard of paper and we ended up with some great pictures.



Toothy Grin

After weeks, even months, of pain and suffering — and I’m only talking about Mommy and Daddy — Tristan’s first tooth decided to finally poke through his gums. Never has anyone been happier about the arrival of a little pointed dagger in the mouth of a nursing infant.

Daddy Day

Happy Daddy's DaySo being a Mommy is a tough job, and you can never really know how tough it is until you are one. I mean one night last week I was coated from shoulder to waist in vomit, not spit-up, but sweet potato stinking vomit — I think that can be defined as a hard job in anyone’s book. But being a Daddy, that’s not so easy either. And in the urchin household, as well as the houses of our urchin forebearers, Daddys go to work and Mommys stay at home. And while staying at home isn’t all fun, going to work is usually no fun at all.
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If you know me you know I have the short term memory of a goldfish. I would give you some funny examples, but there are none from the last 5 minutes and I forget the rest. Seriously though, this is a pretty annoying issue. Jen knows that she has to send me to the store with a list, even if she only needs me to get one item. If she is not sending me from home, she sends a text message to my mobile phone. The other day she sent me to get baby food, the instructions were simple: “Something high in fiber but no green vegetables.” So I return home with peas because they were the highest in fiber.
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Sum, Sum, Summertime

SlidingWe’ve been trying to enjoy some beautiful weather around here — really warm but not too humid. We’ve been going to the neighborhood playground — the one with the mulch according to Katie. Have we ever taken her to any other kind? She’s really become the social butterfly — last night we saw four other children she knows in the 40 minutes we were there. At least she didn’t tell us to please wait outside the fence so her friends couldn’t see us. I Slidingexpect that will be happening before we know it. Now she still needs us to help her on some of the more challenging equipment since we’re now using the big-kid playground exclusively — the baby playground being so, well babyish.

Anyway, I hope your summer is shaping up to be as fun as ours. Here’s hoping it doesn’t slide right past.

I’m Mama Urchin and I Make Stuff

Lego Hospital

We’ve had a recent obsession in urchinland — legos. After recently being introduced to big-kid legos Katie wants legos all the time. Today we went to the lego store at the mall and she played there, building a tall tower, for almost an hour. The sales guy kept walking by and saying hello, like we just walked in. I felt like telling him Yes, we are the same people you just said hi to three minutes ago. We’re going to be here for a while. We bought some new sets — including some to hide until we need them to bribe Katie to do something — and Stefan was making fun of me saying, Are those legos for you or for Katie?
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Crunchy Granola


Papa Urchin has eluded to it before but when we first dated I was not at all the crunchy granola type. I was way more the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese type. I wanted to be everything different than a tree-hugging hippie and thought most of those types were weird, at best. Now to give myself some slack, Stefan and I began dating when I was 19 so I had a lot of world-learning left to do. All this is not to say that I didn’t believe in taking care of the planet we’ve been given or eating in a somewhat healthy manner — I had just completed a calendar year where I was a vegetarian — I just wasn’t into all the quasi-political stuff, or the bad fashion.
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Super Dog


As you may know, we are the proud owners of two incredibly annoying pugs. And while they continue with their regular repertoire of annoying habits — using the house as a toilet, barking like crazy at nothing, waking up at 5:30 AM — they occasionally go above and beyond what we consider normal behavior and do something extraordinary. Read more