As you may know, we are the proud owners of two incredibly annoying pugs. And while they continue with their regular repertoire of annoying habits — using the house as a toilet, barking like crazy at nothing, waking up at 5:30 AM — they occasionally go above and beyond what we consider normal behavior and do something extraordinary. So, Sergeant has a bad back which makes it difficult for him to walk and impossible for him to go up the stairs or any other similar movement. We have to carry him all over the place, which is no fun since he smells like the ancient creature that he is. One day last week, the gate to our yard was left open — accidentally I assure you — and Sergeant decided to check out the neighborhood. He wandered across our neighbor’s back yard, then through their neighbor’s yard, climbed a fairly steep hill to go into another adjacent yard, climbed a seriously steep hill to the front yard of that house, climbed over a small wall, traipsed through some flower beds, etc. etc. until I located him. A very nice man had stopped in his car because he noticed our dog seemed to be wandering loose — as he was — and he was concerned because he was limping. He’s always limping came out of my mouth, with very little empathy I might add. I hope I don’t get reported to the SPCA.


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