Papa Urchin has eluded to it before but when we first dated I was not at all the crunchy granola type. I was way more the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese type. I wanted to be everything different than a tree-hugging hippie and thought most of those types were weird, at best. Now to give myself some slack, Stefan and I began dating when I was 19 so I had a lot of world-learning left to do. All this is not to say that I didn’t believe in taking care of the planet we’ve been given or eating in a somewhat healthy manner — I had just completed a calendar year where I was a vegetarian — I just wasn’t into all the quasi-political stuff, or the bad fashion.

My how things have changed. Yesterday was our first organically farmed CSA delivery of the season and I was practically peeing my pants to get it. You see, I knew there would be garlic scapes in there and I haven’t found something that makes better pesto yet. I make it and then freeze it in small portions to be used all winter. Oh yeah, and we can all kinds of stuff too. Now maybe we should look at our pantry shelves, organic tomato sauce, organic pasta, organic flour, organic crackers, oh, and we can’t forget organic baby food. Which brings me to my point.

This whole thing started when Katie started eating solid food — although we had done a CSA before. I mean here is this beautiful little baby who has never ingested a toxin, synthetic-hormone, or pesticide in her whole life and do you think I wanted to be the one to give it to her? So it started with baby food and then we needed an organic cheerio product, then crackers, then meat, then… now she’s three and wow can she eat. I still haven’t totally gone off the deep end — I don’t prohibit the eating of non-organic food — we just choose organic and locally produced foods when we can. I mean, I figure that buying from a producer who cares about me and my family as well as the planet can’t be a bad thing. And if that producer is local, even better. So, yes, here I am on my quasi-political soapbox hugging a tree, but let’s get one thing straight — I am not wearing birkenstocks.


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