If you know me you know I have the short term memory of a goldfish. I would give you some funny examples, but there are none from the last 5 minutes and I forget the rest. Seriously though, this is a pretty annoying issue. Jen knows that she has to send me to the store with a list, even if she only needs me to get one item. If she is not sending me from home, she sends a text message to my mobile phone. The other day she sent me to get baby food, the instructions were simple: “Something high in fiber but no green vegetables.” So I return home with peas because they were the highest in fiber.

This is a really bad problem when I meet new people. Most of the time I have forgotten your first name before you are done telling me your last name. People tell me I should repeat your name in my head right after you tell me, but I probably won’t remember to do that until the third or fourth time I have to ask what your name is. So please don’t mind if I never address you by name, half the time I don’t even remember my kid’s names and my wife once asked me why I never call her by her name.

Stefan in FrontThe other day I got up early so I could get in a swim workout before heading to work. Ten minutes from home I realize I forgot my swim bag, despite telling myself 100 times that morning not to forget it. Not wanting to wear the broken, pink child-size googles that populate the lost and found, I headed home — if I am forced to suffer with the memory of a goldfish, why can’t I have the ability to swim without goggles? So, I picked up my bag and suffered through significantly worse traffic before arriving at the gym. Oh, and after the workout, I left my swim bag in the locker room; it has yet to show up in the lost and found.


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