Happy Daddy's DaySo being a Mommy is a tough job, and you can never really know how tough it is until you are one. I mean one night last week I was coated from shoulder to waist in vomit, not spit-up, but sweet potato stinking vomit — I think that can be defined as a hard job in anyone’s book. But being a Daddy, that’s not so easy either. And in the urchin household, as well as the houses of our urchin forebearers, Daddys go to work and Mommys stay at home. And while staying at home isn’t all fun, going to work is usually no fun at all.

When Katrina was born, and everyday since then, I’ve been given a choice — to be a stay-at-home mom or a go-to-work mom — while Stefan gets out of bed and goes to the office with no choice at all. I can tell you, there are many Love You Daddydays when I feel like getting the heck out of Dodge and working in an office until I feel like drowning myself in the water cooler. Stefan goes to his office, and well, they don’t have a water cooler so he always makes it home.

And lately I’ve been forgetting this and gotten caught up in the dishes not done, the shoes left everywhere, the piles of dirty clothes strewn about. But today I’m reminded of how Stefan is not just a father but also a Daddy, and a really great Daddy at that. And I’m especially thankful that because of him I get to try to be the Mommy that our kids deserve.

Happy Fathers Day! We all love you very much.


2 thoughts on “Daddy Day

  1. Your post is making me tear up, because I feel the same about my hubby, and it was a nice reminder to myself why mommies and daddies do what they do. My hubby is so proud to have me stay at home; I’m glad to hear other moms have such wonderful husbands as mine. Thank you for this vote of respect for daddies.

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