It’s Hot


I mean really hot. Yesterday I took Katie and my niece, Gabrielle, down to look at the creek near my parent’s house. It is a super easy, short walk. When we came back my mom thought I had doused them with water because their little heads were so wet. No, it’s just sticky, sweaty, humid summertime. Read more


Vive La Tour

I used to have a job with a travel schedule a single man would love. I almost always went to very nice places most of which were international. It was fun to be able to do my christmas shopping in Switzerland, Germany, Japan and France all in the same year. Unfortunately, it was a very hard travel schedule to keep with a family. One day Katie was asked who lives at the airport? with the expected answer being airplanes, but Katie answered Daddy. That was the day I knew I needed to do something to reduce my travel. Now I have a nice new job with a family-friendly travel schedule, but I have to say — I miss Paris. The last project I worked on before switching jobs was in Paris so I traveled there frequently. One of my more conveniently timed trips put me in Paris for the final stage of Le Tour de France last year. The following is the e-mail and pictures I sent from Paris last year.
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Burning the Midnight Oil

Hello, yes, it’s 2:00 in the morning and I am awake. In fact I have yet to go to sleep. Unfortunately for me Tristan woke up shortly before 11:00 from what he seems to think was a nap and now he’s wide awake, ready to play. Let’s just say I am a little less enthused. It seems I am in the midst of a perfect storm of baby insomnia. First we have the teeth — three have pushed through but there are more to come; then we add change of venue — two weeks away from home; thirdly, unusual night noises — on vacation he was awoken by Daddy’s snoring and dog collar jingling in the same room plus some really loud thunderstorms; lastly I think he’s in a little growth spurt making him hungry. All I have to say is, could I be more lucky?
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là où est le papa

Keeping up with my unfortunate one post a month pace, I have some snippets for you to enjoy today.

One of the things I like about reading mommy blogs is that they give me some insight into what my stoic bride endures day in and day out. When I was more prolific here there was a white elephant living in our house. Jen’s mom commented that I was funny and that Jen was just “cute and well written.” Jen decided that I (and other bloggers) were funny because we were “crass and irreverent.” Unwilling to stoop that low she resigned herself to “cute and well written.” If she had gone the other way I think some days we might see some posts like we see from Wood over at Sweet Juniper. I just can’t wait to see how their posts change when Dutch and Wood switch roles and Dutch goes from lawyer to stay at home dad. Good luck Dutch, you are a better man than I!
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Tiny Dancers

Ballet Yesterday I had the unique experience of watching my daughter, and about a dozen other girls and one boy, begin to learn ballet. She put her little feet into tiny slippers and was transformed into a miniature ballerina. Last night she spent lots of time showing her Daddy first and second positions as well as jumping from one to the other. She was remarkably well behaved in class and tried to follow Miss April’s instructions as best she could That is, until the 30 minute mark when they switched from ballet to tap when she stood like a statue, feet glued to the ground.
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The Nose Job

For those of you that have been wondering, Stefan’s nose job went well. I mean it hurt and everything — as it still does — but considering he hadn’t had surgery since he had his adenoids removed at age seven, I think he did pretty well. Seeing as my body is held together with string and duct tape I gave him advice like —

Don’t wear those shoes [lace-up sneakers].
Because I’m going to have to put them on you afterwards and they’ll be too hard.

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So Good To Be Back

So who wants to hear about lovely days by the seashore when there’s vomit to talk about. Nothing like crashing back into reality. Tristan’s first tooth, heralded by a vomit bath for me, arrived about a month ago and the second tooth arrived one week later. Now we seem to be working on the upper teeth and at seven months he still lacks the mental powers to understand that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you — or in this specific case, the boob that feeds you. And while these teeth have only brought sleepless nights and the aforementioned biting problem they have, as of yet, been vomit free. Well, leave it to Katie to pick up the slack — en route to the grocery store this morning, vomit everywhere. Nothing like driving the 20 minutes home with that smell — good times! And since we’ve been away for two weeks and I never made it to the store I was left with tortilla chips and candy corn for lunch. Yes, I said candy corn, as in from last Halloween — or maybe the previous one — delicious! And just to make things slightly more stressful, Stefan is having sinus surgery tomorrow. Yeah, it’s shaping up to be a great week.

And Now We’re Back…

from outerspace — well actually just from our two week vacation by the seashore. I bet you were wondering where we were, huh? Well, we were hoping for better internet access while vacationing but no such luck so sorry for the unintentional blogging break. It might take us a little bit to get through all the laundry, mail, and articles in our bloglines — over 1000 combined — but we’ll be posting more about our trip this week. Here’s a preview…

Beach Babes