So who wants to hear about lovely days by the seashore when there’s vomit to talk about. Nothing like crashing back into reality. Tristan’s first tooth, heralded by a vomit bath for me, arrived about a month ago and the second tooth arrived one week later. Now we seem to be working on the upper teeth and at seven months he still lacks the mental powers to understand that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you — or in this specific case, the boob that feeds you. And while these teeth have only brought sleepless nights and the aforementioned biting problem they have, as of yet, been vomit free. Well, leave it to Katie to pick up the slack — en route to the grocery store this morning, vomit everywhere. Nothing like driving the 20 minutes home with that smell — good times! And since we’ve been away for two weeks and I never made it to the store I was left with tortilla chips and candy corn for lunch. Yes, I said candy corn, as in from last Halloween — or maybe the previous one — delicious! And just to make things slightly more stressful, Stefan is having sinus surgery tomorrow. Yeah, it’s shaping up to be a great week.


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