For those of you that have been wondering, Stefan’s nose job went well. I mean it hurt and everything — as it still does — but considering he hadn’t had surgery since he had his adenoids removed at age seven, I think he did pretty well. Seeing as my body is held together with string and duct tape I gave him advice like —

Don’t wear those shoes [lace-up sneakers].
Because I’m going to have to put them on you afterwards and they’ll be too hard.

So he wears his sneakers that have quick-laces. Seriously, I have to beg the guy to get a pedicure since he insists on putting his gnarly feet into birkenstocks all the time but when he has surgery, lace-up shoes are necessary. Needless to say he came home from the surgical center barefooted.

We all caught a cold somewhere along the line so that just added to the cheeriness that is being cooped up in the house with a toddler, an infant, and a guy on narcotics. By Saturday we were ready to kill eachother when a bunch of Katie’s friends decided to play wiffleball. Later they threw themselves on the slip-n-slide in between breaks to eat trail mix for dinner. To everyone’s delight the mud, chocolate, and sweltering heat seemed to put Katie in a more pleasant mood.

My diversion came yesterday while we were driving to my parent’s house for dinner when we stopped at a kid’s clothing boutique that I frequent. They were having an enormous tent-filled clearance sale and I just started making piles of stuff on every available surface. An hour later we left with lots and lots of loot and my spirits much higher (not to mention a three-paged receipt). Today things have normalized — Stefan returned to work, the kids and I ran errands, the pugs misbehaved. Tomorrow I am going to attempt the grocery store again and Katie starts dance classes. Hopefully it will shape up to be a pretty good –albeit hot — week although I must admit, I have some doubts.


One thought on “The Nose Job

  1. Ok, so I was a little nervous and it seemed like I should wear good sturdy shoes (of course I didn’t realize that I would have to strip to my underwear for sinus surgery.) I think there was also some part of me that thought it was gross to wear open toe shoes to a surgery center so I guess it is slightly ironic that I walked out barefoot, but hey with all the drugs I had in me I barely remember that part.

    Oh and lest you think I am one of those who ONLY wears berks, I will have you know that they are my casual sandals and I have two pair of “dress” Kenneth Cole filp flops for work and special occasions. Finally, in case you are wonder where I stand on the clog wars I am definitely on the flip flop side. Man clogs are for winter only, but make a nice get well gift after summer surgery.

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