Keeping up with my unfortunate one post a month pace, I have some snippets for you to enjoy today.

One of the things I like about reading mommy blogs is that they give me some insight into what my stoic bride endures day in and day out. When I was more prolific here there was a white elephant living in our house. Jen’s mom commented that I was funny and that Jen was just “cute and well written.” Jen decided that I (and other bloggers) were funny because we were “crass and irreverent.” Unwilling to stoop that low she resigned herself to “cute and well written.” If she had gone the other way I think some days we might see some posts like we see from Wood over at Sweet Juniper. I just can’t wait to see how their posts change when Dutch and Wood switch roles and Dutch goes from lawyer to stay at home dad. Good luck Dutch, you are a better man than I!

Le Tour
We (ok maybe that is the royal we) get obsessed with Le Tour de France every year. This year it started while we were on vacation. Every morning before we went to the beach I would turn on OLN and watch the days stage. The funny thing about OLN is that it does not always know its identity, sometimes it is the bass-fishing channel and sometimes it is the pro-cycling channel. As a result there is a very odd mix of ads. This became very clear watching the tour without our beloved TiVo. Rather than fastforward through the commercials, we had to use mute and I am not so good at that. One morning I was a little slow hitting mute as the Flomax commercial came on…

TV: Here’s to guys…[mute]
Katie: …who want to take long drives.

I am so glad my daughter has learned about male incontinence at age 3. I’m choosing to look on the bright side, at least it wasn’t the purple pill.

While on vacation Tristan decided that sleeping the whole night through is overrated. What had been a very nice 8:30PM to 7:00AM daily slumber devolved into a something that vaguely resembles sleep punctuated by a 1:30AM snack and a 5:30AM breakfast. We convinced ourselves that this was just a vacation thing, perhaps the pack ‘n play was uncomfortable, and that our happy sleeping baby would return when we got home. No such luck. One morning I sat him down so we could have a talk. When I told him there were no midnight snacks, he got a very serious look on his face, pulled his fingers out of his mouth as if he had something to say and then he let out a huge sigh as if to say If I could talk I would tell you off and promptly put his fingers back into his mouth.


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