Hello, yes, it’s 2:00 in the morning and I am awake. In fact I have yet to go to sleep. Unfortunately for me Tristan woke up shortly before 11:00 from what he seems to think was a nap and now he’s wide awake, ready to play. Let’s just say I am a little less enthused. It seems I am in the midst of a perfect storm of baby insomnia. First we have the teeth — three have pushed through but there are more to come; then we add change of venue — two weeks away from home; thirdly, unusual night noises — on vacation he was awoken by Daddy’s snoring and dog collar jingling in the same room plus some really loud thunderstorms; lastly I think he’s in a little growth spurt making him hungry. All I have to say is, could I be more lucky?

Well yes, I could. Katie has entered a stage where things are scary, most of all things that go bump in the night. So, if we can get her to go to sleep in her room in the first place we are inevitably awoken at 3:30 when something scary causes her to need to sleep with us. She isn’t allowed to sleep with us however, given the nose issues especially, so she ends up sleeping in the oversized chair in our room that I make up like a bed.

So you see, I’m a rather sleep deprived Mama. So much so, I’m considering putting the kids in childcare at the gym and taking a nap on the locker room floor. In the meantime I think I’ll try to get Tristan back to sleep, just in time for a monster to jump out of Katie’s closet.


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