I mean really hot. Yesterday I took Katie and my niece, Gabrielle, down to look at the creek near my parent’s house. It is a super easy, short walk. When we came back my mom thought I had doused them with water because their little heads were so wet. No, it’s just sticky, sweaty, humid summertime. It just means we spend a lot of time doing inside activities and working on our “listening.” Yes, it’s been loads of fun around here recently. Last week we had bible school at church and while it made for a crazy week — I was helping to teach the kindergarten class — I did get a break from my kids, and they got a break from me. Tristan was the only baby in the nursery and some days there were six adults taking care of him. It became the joke of bible school, whether he had enough caretakers each day.

There isn’t much else going on around here. The arrival of August means we will be attending a bunch of birthday parties — hopefully all indoors — and getting ready to go back to preschool. In the meantime, we’ll just be here, trying not to melt.


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