We Love You Uncle Ed

Uncle EdFor the most part we have two groups of friends from college — her friends and his friends — which is sort of strange because we spent almost all of college as a couple and came to know almost all of said friends together. I guess what I really should have said is that we have sorority friends and fraternity friends. Yup, Mama and Papa were both greek in college. Anyway, in the last year there has been an exodus of sorts as almost all of our fraternity friends have moved away. First, one couple — who can actually be called fraternity AND sorority friends since they boast one member of each — moved hours away. Then another moved all the way to the other coast. And now, Ed is moving to the western desert. And boy are we sad.
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If They Could Just Stay Little

Tristan and MommyIt’s amazing to me how different parenting can be for your first versus your last child. In our case, we had no children in the middle — we only have a first child (Katrina) and a last child (Tristan) — but I think it’s the same if you have lots of kids too. With Katie we couldn’t wait for her to sit up, to crawl, to get her teeth, to walk. But for Tristan I feel like we’re pulling him back, willing him to be a baby just a little longer. I am especially guilty of this. We rarely “work on” crawling or standing with him although I’m certain we did with Katie. Doesn’t he know he’s the last little one we’ll have and that when he passes from one stage to another he’s closing our door to that part of babyhood forever? Probably not, babies don’t have time for sentimentality. But I do and even though I’m super happy he can crawl, eat cheerios, and briefly entertain himself I’m already missing the time when all he needed in the world was me.

Blah, Blah, Blah

Another video for your viewing pleasure. This one is a little louder than the first. It seems putting Os in his mouth causes Tristan to become quite chatty.

Life of an Ecru Bunny

Her Favorite BunChildren the world over have comfort objects and Katrina is no different. Sometime after she turned one she became very attached to three small bunny finger puppets. Daddy named them — Brown, Gray, and Ecru. The bunnies are rather well traveled — they’ve even been to France — but at some point it became obvious that these three little guys were too valuable to go on mundane trips to the grocery store or Costco. Dog — who was swiped from Aunt Jess — is much more suited to outings seeing as he is much larger (although still rather small). So the bunnies were confined to the house.
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Before Katie was born Jen convinced me we needed a video camera, so I bought this really nice camera. The problem is I don’t have the attention span to shoot or produce good video. With Tristan getting to the stage where there are a lot of video moments I pulled out the camera and will be putting some snippets on youtube.

Do you count this as crawling? Also let us know if you had problems viewing the video – hit the comment link below.

Lazy Crazy Weekend

The heat wave finally broke and gave way to a beautiful weekend. Saturday was back to back 4 year-old birthday parties followed by craft time for Mama and shop cleanup for Papa. After dinner we took a ride to the local Tropical Smoothie Cafe. On the way home we stopped to assist in the rescue of a large Snapping Turtle. In case you thought turtles were slow gentle animals, think again. These guys have long sharp claws and can bite so hard and fast as to make grown men run like little girls. It took more than a handful of suburban dads (kids cheering them on) before a three-man team with a blanket was able to get this guy out of the road. The prize for the guy who saved him — he got peed on.
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Somewhere Over Nebraska

VintageWhile the urchins were at home melting this week, I was fortunate enough to escape to San Diego. I have spent a lot of time in California — I know Silicon Valley almost as well as I know my own hometown — but I have never had any desire to live there. Maybe it’s all the fruits and nuts, but I really couldn’t live in the bay area and LA drives me crazy. I have always said that if I had to live in CA I would live in San Diego. — I want to live in San Diego. — Maybe it’s the fact that my hotel was a block from Solana Beach that pushed me over the edge, but I started looking at the job listings. Knowing I could never convince Jen to move, I decided not to look too hard because there were definitely jobs I could get excited about.
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