VintageWhile the urchins were at home melting this week, I was fortunate enough to escape to San Diego. I have spent a lot of time in California — I know Silicon Valley almost as well as I know my own hometown — but I have never had any desire to live there. Maybe it’s all the fruits and nuts, but I really couldn’t live in the bay area and LA drives me crazy. I have always said that if I had to live in CA I would live in San Diego. — I want to live in San Diego. — Maybe it’s the fact that my hotel was a block from Solana Beach that pushed me over the edge, but I started looking at the job listings. Knowing I could never convince Jen to move, I decided not to look too hard because there were definitely jobs I could get excited about.

GoldenThis was a typical business trip where I sat in meetings from dawn to dusk with a “working lunch” in the middle and a business dinner at night making it hard to find time to talk to Jen, let alone Katie. Wednesday morning I received the following e-mail:

From: MamaUrchin
maybe next time you go away
Date: August 2, 2006 12:56:29 PM EDT
To: PapaUrchin

you can take katie and drop her out the emergency exit over nebraska

The thing is, I knew this was coming. Jen has had no real break from Katie all summer. So add in the fact that it is too hot to leave the house and you have a recipe for disaster. The joys of summer.

BabyPeople, my wife included, say that they love the change of seasons. I think that is just jealous justification for having to put up with crappy weather. Think about how often you hear those same people saying how ready they are for summer to be over, or how sick of winter they are. It’s not the change of season they like, it’s the brief interludes known as spring and fall that they desire. Those days where the temperature hangs in the 70s, those days where both children and adults are happy to spend the whole day outside. They all look forward to those few days a year where they get San Diego weather in their home town.

Oh, and in case your wondering why this post is full of beach pictures, well now you know what I actually did over Nebraska. They’re for Jen — Just think honey, your life could look like this everyday.

A note from Jen to Katie reading this ten years from now:

I obviously would never advocate dropping you out of an airplane, it’s just that Dad was away and unreachable by phone and I needed to convey to him the desperation of my situation. You see, you were a particularly challenging three year old this week and I was reaching my wit’s end. I needed sympathy from him, and possibly a gift to make up for leaving me all week with you. Plus it was hot — really, really hot. I know you probably still don’t understand but give it another 15 years or so until you have your own child and I’m quite certain it will become abundantly clear. Love You – Mom


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