The heat wave finally broke and gave way to a beautiful weekend. Saturday was back to back 4 year-old birthday parties followed by craft time for Mama and shop cleanup for Papa. After dinner we took a ride to the local Tropical Smoothie Cafe. On the way home we stopped to assist in the rescue of a large Snapping Turtle. In case you thought turtles were slow gentle animals, think again. These guys have long sharp claws and can bite so hard and fast as to make grown men run like little girls. It took more than a handful of suburban dads (kids cheering them on) before a three-man team with a blanket was able to get this guy out of the road. The prize for the guy who saved him — he got peed on.

Bike Ride

Sunday started with a family bike ride to Starbucks for breakfast. If you are envisioning a carefree family, wind in our hair, laughing all the way you either a) don’t have kids, b) grew up in the 50’s or c) watch too much television. When you consider, as my friend Bill always calls it, the baby logistics train involved in such an event you realize why we were the only ones in suburbia to undertake this feat. First it was the bikes: The papa bike stays in pretty good shape so all it needed was some air in the tires, the Mama bike hasn’t been off the wall in quite some time so it needed air, lube, and cleaning, the kiddie trailer needed 10 minutes for remembering how to assemble it and more air, I got a good workout just pumping tires. Next came helmets: Katie and Papa out and ready, Mama’s required some digging, and Tristan needed to have the baby helmet refit to his head. Then there were the nescessary water bottles and clothing, Katie had to wear her bike jersey. Finally some quick pictures and we were on our way. Its just 2.5 miles to the neighborhood Starbucks.

Later that afternoon something monumental happened — I saw parts of my workshop which have been unreachable for more than a year and a half. During the great basement finishing fiasco before Tristan was born my workshop became storage for all the items that were too big to move. Since then I have been unable to find anything, and anytime I need to use my workshop I have to move around piles of junk the size of European city cars. The piles are Two Urchins In a Shopping Cartstill there but they’ve shrunk to less than half their original size. Maybe soon I’ll be able to enjoy letting the woodchips fly.

A couple of weeks ago Katie ate her first sno-cone — also know as no cones and snow man cones — and has been obsessed with making them at home since. Seeing as both Mama and I were in good moods we indulged her by heading to Target Sunday evening for a sno-cone machine — Mama thought sno-cones could be made with crushed ice, I don’t know what she’s thinking. The Snoopy Sno-cone machine of my childhood was nowhere to be found but we did find an electric ice shaver and a whole lot of other junk — why does that always happen at Target? So our weekend ended with a cherry (sno-cone) on top.


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