Her Favorite BunChildren the world over have comfort objects and Katrina is no different. Sometime after she turned one she became very attached to three small bunny finger puppets. Daddy named them — Brown, Gray, and Ecru. The bunnies are rather well traveled — they’ve even been to France — but at some point it became obvious that these three little guys were too valuable to go on mundane trips to the grocery store or Costco. Dog — who was swiped from Aunt Jess — is much more suited to outings seeing as he is much larger (although still rather small). So the bunnies were confined to the house.

Bunnies and finger sucking go hand-in-hand so as we embarked on the Stop Finger Sucking campaign of 2006 the bunnies lives were restricted further and now they are confined to the upstairs, preferably Katie’s bedroom. Occasionally though, they do escape to the lower levels and this summer on one such jaunt Ecru was lost. Now Ecru is the best bunny, the king of them all, followed by Gray, then Brown, and finally by Dior who only speaks French and arrived later then the original group so is doomed to remain at the bottom of all successionist scenarios. Ecru had been lost before but this time he was lost for over two weeks, including the time we were away on vacation, and we had checked all his usual hiding spots.

The Bunnies

No big deal, you might be thinking, just get her another one. Well, in this case that is easier said than done. Ecru and comrades were purchased about three years ago so they are no longer on store shelves. In our panic we scoured the internet searching for a proprietor that significantly over-ordered finger puppets in 2003. With much jubilation we located a replacement Ecru and ordered him post haste. In the meantime we returned home from our vacation and while Katie was reaquainting herself with her toys in the playroom she found her beloved Ecru buried in a bag of toys. The shout could be heard all through the house, Mommy, I found my little bun! Well thank goodness for that.

Since then all bunnies have been pretty much accounted for at all times. The new Ecru arrived and we’re keeping him as back-up, just in case. Katie has seen him but knows that he was only acquired when the real Ecru was lost and I think she prefers the original anyway. Just look at him, he might give comfort but he’s sure gotten a lot of love in return.

Ecru Bunny meet Ecru Bunny

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