Tristan and MommyIt’s amazing to me how different parenting can be for your first versus your last child. In our case, we had no children in the middle — we only have a first child (Katrina) and a last child (Tristan) — but I think it’s the same if you have lots of kids too. With Katie we couldn’t wait for her to sit up, to crawl, to get her teeth, to walk. But for Tristan I feel like we’re pulling him back, willing him to be a baby just a little longer. I am especially guilty of this. We rarely “work on” crawling or standing with him although I’m certain we did with Katie. Doesn’t he know he’s the last little one we’ll have and that when he passes from one stage to another he’s closing our door to that part of babyhood forever? Probably not, babies don’t have time for sentimentality. But I do and even though I’m super happy he can crawl, eat cheerios, and briefly entertain himself I’m already missing the time when all he needed in the world was me.


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