Uncle EdFor the most part we have two groups of friends from college — her friends and his friends — which is sort of strange because we spent almost all of college as a couple and came to know almost all of said friends together. I guess what I really should have said is that we have sorority friends and fraternity friends. Yup, Mama and Papa were both greek in college. Anyway, in the last year there has been an exodus of sorts as almost all of our fraternity friends have moved away. First, one couple — who can actually be called fraternity AND sorority friends since they boast one member of each — moved hours away. Then another moved all the way to the other coast. And now, Ed is moving to the western desert. And boy are we sad.

Twelve years ago Ed pledged Stefan’s fraternity and I knew very early on that he was a man we wanted as a friend. That sounds so weird but it’s true. I remember — before the pledges were assigned big brothers — telling Stefan that we needed to take Ed out to dinner and him saying We don’t do stuff like that [in fraternities] and my hasty reply Well, do you want him as your little brother or not? I was working on the theory that if we spent time with Ed, he and Stefan would form a mutual attachment and weeks later Success!! Ed became Stefan’s little brother.

Of course, the assignment probably had very little to do with my manipulation. My sorority employs a quote that ends with “…our being friends was part of God’s plan” and I’m certain that with Ed this is true. And regardless of the big/little brother thing we’ve been there for each other through a lot. He was the best man at our wedding and the only guy — besides my Dad — who came to visit me in the hospital when each of our kids were born. And while he’s been there for us through a lot of joy Ed, himself, has had a lot of heartache over the last twelve years. I hope he knows that we’ve been there for him too. I know we could have shown it better but sometimes we just didn’t know what we should do.

But hopefully, those days are behind, and I think this move for Ed is a lot about starting anew. And we’re super happy for him but man, are we going to miss him. Katie is already asking when we can go on the airplane to see Uncle Ed and I find myself wondering the same thing. We had him over for dinner last week to say goodbye and while Katie and I stood in the driveway waving we talked about how much we were going to miss him and how much we love him too.

So Ed, we hope you find much happiness out there in the desert, and a fresh start. But we’re also hoping you come back real soon because we’re not sure what we’re going to do without you.


2 thoughts on “We Love You Uncle Ed

  1. I have tried my best over the last couple of weeks to “be strong” and not shed a single tear with each goodbye. Well…that is out the window and thanks for making it happen at WORK! In all sincerity, this is one of the most touching and kindest things I have heard in a long time. Thank you. I began missing you before I even came over last week.

    Life wouldn’t have been the same over the years without you and Stefan. You have always been there even when I didn’t want to hear from or talk to anyone. In a way, you both have always known what I have needed.

    Now, you have two of the most adorable and extraordinary children that I have ever met. Thank you for letting me be a part of their lives. I can’t wait for the birthday party invitations…

    I will always be a flight away – no matter what the cost.

    Katie and Tristan – I miss and love you. Stefan and Winnie – You guys aren’t that bad, either. 🙂

    Lots of Love,
    Uncle Ed

    PS – It wasn’t the dinners in College…

    PSS – Thank you for the framed photo from the beach, it is currently the only picture in my house.

  2. Ed, We love you, too. (Ok, at least I do. I won’t speak for my other half, but I have a feeling about you two!!)

    Like I said last week, you deserve all the happiness in the world. I only wish the best for you! We miss you already. If you fly East to see the Urchins, don’t forget us because we’re only 100 miles away!

    Love, Amy
    (the sorority friend of the sorority and fraternity friends couple)

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