LegosIt’s so interesting to witness the language development of a child. Katrina is generally past the I-can’t-understand-what-the-heck-she’s-saying stage and while she still does mispronounce words she’s gotten way better at pronunciation too. Now we’re pretty much full into the learning new words at the speed of light stage. The funny thing about this is that a kid only learns the words to which they are exposed. This is, of course, why we are sometimes addressed in Spanish. But Dora aside, it only makes sense that a child learns the words he or she hears.

In the urchin abode this means that Katie spends a lot of time sounding like me. The other day I asked her to do something and she replied, Second of all, I am not a baby, and second of all, you are not my mommy, and second of all… Now, I can assure you that I usually say first of all before I say second of all but you can see how this can be hysterical. She spends a lot of time asking us if we would prefer this or that and telling me you don’t talk to me like that when I ask her to take her fingers out of her mouth. Sometimes Stefan and I have to turn our heads away from her so we can hide our laughter.

So yesterday, Onyx decided to misbehave — as our pugs seem all too likely to do — and Katie went up to Stefan and announced, Daddy, [sigh] these pugs are so annoying. Hmm, I wonder where she’s heard that before?


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