Our house is a disaster, Di-Sas-Ter, both inside and out. The inside runs on a two week cycle since it has to be picked up before the maid comes and we’re about to turn over the clock, leaving a sparkling interior come Thursday afternoon. The outside, however, is a different story.

We live in suburbia, in a new community — our house is about five years old — and that means when you move in there is very little landscaping. What landscaping you do get is usually dead within a year. Now I like to garden and the first couple of years we lived here I managed to start a number of projects with a lot of promise for beautiful results. Then I got pregnant with Katie and found that vomiting in a sticky sweaty summer while gardening just wasn’t for me. And then she was born and any spare time was used for sleeping, and then I didn’t have to sleep so much but what do you do with a baby/toddler while you are trying to garden — I didn’t want her in the scorching sun — and then I was pregnant again with a pregnancy that started a little rocky so I was afraid of doing any manual labor, and now here we are with a garden that looks like this:

Yucky Yard

and also like this:

More Yucky Yard

My goal this year was to get the front looking nice and the back looking decent. The goal for the front was pretty much accomplished and the back, well now you know what the back looks like. So, I’ve been mulling over some ideas in my head and even talked with Stefan about hiring someone to do some of the really hard/heavy work — Stefan despises yard work — and I was pretty optimistic that I could get some things done back there before winter arrives. Well, today we came home from running errands to find a note on the door, the homeowners association will be doing exterior inspections in the next few weeks to make sure homes on our street are in compliance with the design standards — yes we live in that kind of community. All I have to say is #@!$#^%$*@#$^!!!!!

So, it looks like I will be digging and mulching and who knows what else for all the nights and weekends in the forseeable future. I hope Stefan is ready for some quality Daddy time or some quality digging time, his choice of course. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some gorgeous “after” photos sometime soon. In the meantime, if you’re coming to visit, you might want to wear your work clothes and bring a shovel.


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