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Little Lion

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The Prince wants ME?

She’s a Giver

One day last week I noticed Katie had her finger in her nose — a habit we do not condone but one that seems to be very “in” among the three-year-old crowd — and I told her that We don’t put our fingers in our noses, that’s yucky. She replied by pulling a not entirely clean finger from her nose and showing me. Katrina, please go use a tissue. She saunters off to the bathroom to use said tissue and our day continues as normal. Fast-forward about 3 hours… I am getting a tissue from the tissue box to blow my nose — the authorized way to dislodge debris — and find that Katrina did indeed use a tissue, she just never removed it from the box. That girl, she is a giver.

Feed Me

When I started blogging, I made the decision that I didn’t want to be yet another geek blogger. I spend much of my time in technology, I don’t need to blog about it too. However, I am making an exception because this bit of technology relates more to urchins than geekdom. Occasionally, urchins goes through periods of neglect (like our backyard) when Jen is too busy to post. — I guess Jen was right, she has become the managing editor here and I am just an occasional contributer. I blame it on having a job that actually requires me to work, but if you have read all those links you know otherwise. — The first time this happened we lost some readers, even my mother-in-law thought it had come to an end. If urchins ever does come to an end we will let you know. In the meantime, if you are tired of the frequent letdown of visiting urchins to find nothing new, I would like introduce you to the miracle of RSS feeds.

What is an RSS feed you ask? Basically, it is a syndication service similar to Reuters or AP. Like most things, the internet has leveled the playing field for syndication. This means the critical news items from urchins can easily be integrated into your my.yahoo or personalized google home page. Don’t believe me? Try it.

Add to Google

But wait, thats not all! RSS slices, dices and makes julienned fries. Ok, well maybe not, but if you keep your eye out you will notice that most of the other blogs you read and many more sites offer RSS feeds. Using one of the many great feed readers out there you can now aggregate all your reading into one site and see only the new articles. Online feed readers like Bloglines and Google Reader are a great way to get started. If you want to get more complex with your feed reading there are a number of standalone feed readers for Mac and Windows. On the Mac I use Vienna and Jen uses NetNewsWire Lite, but if you are willing to spend a few bucks Newsfire seems to be the current darling.

RSS is a key part of the new breed of sites being called web 2.0 and evolving beyond the syndication of blogs. Here are a few of the more more fun and unconventional feeds you can get:

  • See what’s new in your GMail inbox
  • See all the flickr photos with you favorite tag
  • Get local traffic reports from Yahoo
  • iTunes Top 25, new children’s music or your own custom feed
  • See new posts on craigslist that contain the word canon
  • Plates with Holes

    Katie and I were in Williams-Sonoma shopping for a birthday gift for Jen (it’s next Saturday) so I asked her what we should buy.

    A plate with holes.

    Oh, a plate with holes?

    A grayish, whiteish one.

    Well I don’t see any grayish whiteish plates with holes.

    You are my big kid and I am the mommy. I will ask the lady.

    When she asks the sales-woman for a grayish whiteish plate with holes, the woman stares at me blankly. I just shrug my shoulders. Luckily she decides to proceed in all seriousness and leads Katie to their display of porcelain dishes pointing out a heart shaped dish with holes in the bottom and a berry draining bowl.

    The berry one, that is what we should get Mommy.

    I was almost willing to play along and get it for Jen, but who needs a $75 berry bowl, and really it was definitely more whiteish and less grayish?

    When we got home I decided that the humor far out weighed any hints that might be given and told Jen the story. Of course she had the magic decoder ring and knew Katie was talking about replacing a plate she had broken several weeks ago — one that was definitely grayish whiteish with holes (indentations). So in secret, I asked Katie if that was what she wanted to get Mommy — we have another one. She responded by looking at me like, You idiot, I’m glad you finally figured out what I was talking about. Good thing I didn’t buy the berry bowl.

    Whiteish Grayish Plate With Holes

    Mr. Uh-Oh

    Tristan decided to buck the da-da trend and say uh-oh as his first word. It took almost a week after he first said it for Stefan to witness the utterance but now he says uh-oh all the time. It seems since it is the only thing he knows how to say he has taken to saying it whenever something unintended/uncomfortable/unwanted happens. The other day we were in his room and he was opening and shutting drawers. He got his fingers stuck — not in any painful way — and he just started saying Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh. He’s even started saying uh-oh before he drops something or occasionally for no apparent reason at all. Regardless, it’s pretty darn cute so we thought we’d share it with you…